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Wilcan Logistics was established in Canada in 1994 and has nearly 30 years of relocation experience. In order to create a smooth and effortless relocation experience, we provide one-stop, tailor-made solutions based on each individual need with a strong focus on safety, efficiency, quality, and affordable pricing.


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Hi, I was your customer who had all goods delivered from HK to Calgary just over a week ago. I was impressed by your company's staff efficiency, politeness and responsiveness. The whole crew from sales, operation and delivery were professional. I would like to highlight that Sophia has been outstanding which she was on top of my case through and through. She has been so helpful from the start of engagement until the moment I had all goods delivered to my place and never missed my message. She gave me expert advice in package selection, immigration process, insurance handling and other queries. I was happy that she was assigned to my handling my case. Also, the personnel involved in Canada especially Alan had kept me well informed step by step and I was pleased with his follow-through communication with me from shipment arrival in Vancouver to finally reached Calgary. Last but not least, the boxes collection by HK team are just as good as the CA team who delivered my goods. The overall experience was fantastic and I would not hesitate to recommend to others to consider Wilcan should any opportunities come by. Big credit goes to your colleagues mentioned here. An asset to your company! Well done.
Albert, Hong Kong to Calgary
Communication with staffs and customer service were exceptional. Will recommend to friends who need relocating to other country. They were punctual and attentive. The packages were delivered to Canada smoothly and on time, and the handling was on time. It was very convenient and our family felt very happy after arriving here. Thank you very much for the service commitment. I would like to introduce it to my friends who are immigrating next time. I sincerely recommend it!
Chan Chris, Hong Kong to Canada
Excellent service. Made everything really clear when we were moving from Hong Kong to Toronto. Recommend!
Amy Cheung, Hong Kong to Toronto
Everything went well and all my belongings arrived UK without a single scratch. Thanks guys!
Jeremy Lau, Hong Kong to The United Kingdom
Very good. Responsive and helpful CS. Professional movers. Will recommend to my friends who are coming to the UK.
Bobo Chu, Hong Kong to The United Kingdom
Agent who helped me was super professional and helpful on my stuff to Canada. And my belongings arrived on expected shipment date. Highly recommend!
S Cai, Hong Kong to Canada
We are very satisfied with Wilcan's service. The household items we consigned arrived at our house in UK last week in a complete and safe condition. From the beginning to the end, every section of Wilcan's service was handled properly. Our agent, Sophia, is even more outstanding. She is very clear and polite in communication, and she has a good grasp of Wilcan's service. She explains easily and fits our needs. During the process of three to four months, she patiently guided and explained to us every step of the way, which made us very at ease. The master team responsible for assembling and putting into the cabinet is also very professional, helping us make good use of every inch of the big wooden cabinet space. The team at the destination, in the area of follow-up and adjustment efforts, are very timely and appropriate. The mover who arrived at the house was very cautious during the moving process. Everything is ideal in our eyes, thank you, and appreciate Wilcan's service, I will recommend it to our friends.
Sherman Chung, HK to UK
Wilcan did our relocation from HK to Perth Australia, the team was professional and attentive to details, 70 items packed, inclusive of dismantling a gaslift queen size bed and a HUGE ikea wardrobe, all done in two hours! I was quite worried for my shipments as there are quite a lot glasswares and fragile items, but when I received them after 12 weeks, I am pleasantly surprised! Not even one glass was broken and not even a screw was missing. Everything came just as they were 3 months ago in HK! Both HK and australia teams are courteous and they really know what they are doing. The process was smooth and effortless (for me). Highly recommend their service to Australia.
Agatha Yau, Hong Kong to Australia
Just want to thank you for your help regarding my shipment and delivery. All my belongings arrived safely and well organized. The gentlemen who delivered the boxes last Friday were friendly and efficient. Sure I will recommend your service to my friends.
Iris, HK to UK
我衷心多謝Wilcan的團隊! 各崗位職員的服務令我十分十分滿意。 先是報價及售後跟進女職員,態度超好,跟得妥貼,有問必答,令我全程十分安心! 在港負責上門搬運的幾位職員,又有禮貌又健談,超為客人著想,為我善用每寸貨櫃的空間。搬運過程很小心,十分順利。 英國負責跟進送家當安排的港人職員,處事效率很高及有交帶,處處設身處地為客人著想及在運送安排上有商有量,真的很好! 最後,多謝兩位外藉職員順利運送家當到我家。他們非常熟手、有禮及謹慎! 我好慶幸及感恩遇到咁好的團隊!
琦琦, 香港搬往英國
Thank you very much Wilcan! To help arrange all the procedures from carton boxes ordering, transportation and warehousing arrangements, customs clearance when arriving in Canada, with detail following up and clear instructions, thank you! I will definitely ask you for help again if I have the opportunity!
Karen, HK to Vancouver
The move was quite flawless. Everything was done well, did not cause any stain or dirt in any of the houses. Shoes were removed when inside. Very punctual, no damages. Oh, and their prices are very decent! Definitely will use again (hopefully not though as moving can be quite a pain in the rear!) But will recommend to anyone!
Frank, Richmond Hill
Thank you very much Wilcan! To help arrange all the procedures from carton boxes ordering, transportation and warehousing arrangements, customs clearance when arriving in Canada, with detail following up and clear instructions, thank you! I will definitely ask you for help again if I have the opportunity!
Alan, HK to Canada