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Shipping Methods
Loose Cabinets

Loose cabinets are a traditional way of moving in the migrant transport world, and the average family rarely has enough "packed cabinets". Loose packaging does not mean that your belongings will be stored separately, we will separate guests' belongings with wooden strips and distinguish them with colored pasted paper, and the chance of mistakes will be very low.

Pallet (Pallet)
Palletization (Pallet)

This means that the loose goods are pushed up and put on a pallet for transportation, which needs to be used with forklifts to effectively reduce cargo damage and improve handling efficiency. Guests can request to put their belongings into the "punch board", but due to the size and cost of the card board itself, this service charge is much less expensive than the "loose cabinet", but it is cheaper than a large wooden box. Suitable for guests who only send boxes and furniture or items without rules.

Large Wooden Box

Help you move into a wooden box!


Make your own small cargo box with wooden box. As with the other two services, we will pack and pick up the goods in your house and pack them into a wooden box, and send them to your new home in the UK to be unpacked and then delivered "indoors". The LiftVan large wooden box is the same as the locker operation, and it has to be reloaded into the container. Every week, we will "fill the container" of the customer's goods in order to meet the customer's request for the date of receipt before boarding the ship.


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Full Container (FCL)

Packing is "wrapping up the whole container", and there are 20-foot and 40-foot options for containers. A 20-foot container, about 1000cuft, can store 200 medium-sized cardboard boxes. Guests who have a container do not need to wait for a locker, and the shipping schedule is more flexible, as long as there is a shipping schedule, they can arrange to ship and ship. We will bring the container on the day of the package pick-up and pack it in front of your door and deliver it to the dock, and dismantle it before it arrives at your new home in the UK. Locker services are suitable for families with a lot of goods and furniture.